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Injured at work?

If you’re injured while at work, suffer a work-related or a repetitive strain injury, or have a pre-existing injury or illness made worse by your work duties, you may be entitled to make a worker’s compensation or WorkCover claim.

​A worker’s compensation or WorkCover claim covers injuries and accidents caused by the negligence of an employer, co-worker or any other third parties that you deal with at work.

The WorkCover or worker’s compensation scheme covers injured workers who are casual, part-time and full-time employees.

Do you actually have a claim for worker’s compensation?

Workplace injuries can be physical or psychological. Workplace injury lawyers can represent you in cases that range from serious illness, injury or damage (including amputations, fractures and brain injuries) to strains and sprains (including wrist repetitive strain injury).

​It also covers psychological injuries that may arise from witnessing a traumatic event at work, as well as events like bullying and harassment.

Common Law claims

In some circumstances, workers injured in unsafe workplaces can be eligible to bring a claim for common law damages. Our lawyers can provide further information regarding your possible rights and entitlements.

Travelling to or from the workplace

If you have an accident whilst travelling to or from your workplace, you may be entitled to make a worker’s compensation or WorkCover claim, as well as making a claim against the driver.

Work Accidents. ​Did you know that you might have additional cover through your superannuation fund?

If you’ve been injured at work, you may have an additional right to make a claim through your superannuation fund, if you have a policy for total and permanent disability cover, trauma, or income protection. ​

Many people don’t realise they even have this type of insurance in their super. Working out whether you can claim can be tricky. Each policy has a different period in which you must notify the insurer of your injury or illness in order to claim, as well as different definitions in which you must satisfy in order to have your claim admitted by the insurer. ​ Often, superannuation funds reject claims by policyholders who are rightly entitled to compensation. We can assist you to find out where you stand and determine if you have a good chance of success in making a claim.​​

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