What to Do If You Have a Motor Vehicle Accident in Queensland


Motor Vehicle Accident in Queensland

No matter how carefully you drive, you might still be involved in an unforeseen accident. If this happens, then you will need to be prepared for the steps to take immediately following an accident.

If you are in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, it’s imperative that you know what to do both at the scene of the accident and afterward. Knowing what steps to follow is key, as it can help you stay on the right side of the law and assist you with a successful compensation claim.

The good news is, doing things by the book isn’t all that hard, once you know where to start. To get clued up on motor vehicle accident procedure in Queensland, keep reading as we break down what you’ll need to do directly following an accident.

Get Medical Assistance If Needed

When it comes to what to do after a motor vehicle accident, the very first priority is medical assistance. If you or anyone else is injured it’s imperative that you summon medical assistance immediately.

If you’re unharmed and are checking others for injury, ensure that you or anyone else does not move a severely injured person. This can result in further damage and/or blood loss. Instead, call for an ambulance right away.

Swap Personal Information With the Other Party

According to motor vehicle accident procedure, parties involved in an accident are obliged to share details with each other. Failing to provide your details to the other party can be an offence.

On the other hand, failing to get the other party’s details can be a stumbling block in your path when reporting the crash and making an accident claim. Therefore, ensure that you swap contact numbers, addresses, license plate numbers etc.

Document the Accident and Collect Evidence

If you are able to, the next step is to take pictures of the accident scene. Be sure to include photos of any damage to your vehicle, as well as injuries, the other car’s license plate, the general layout of the crash, weather conditions etc.

This photographic evidence can prove invaluable later on when proving the events that took place.

Besides taking photos, you will also want to get the details of any potential witnesses.

Report the Accident

According to motor vehicle accident law in Queensland, you must report any motor vehicle accident you have been involved in to the police. This is also necessary if you wish to make a Compulsory Third Party (CTP) claim.

If the accident was serious, someone needs urgent medical attention, or the road is in a hazardous state because of the collision, you will need to call 000 (triple zero) from the scene of the accident.

If however, no serious injury occurred and there was no obstruction to traffic, you can choose to report the accident to the Queensland police at your local police station, online at, or by using the Police Link application.

If there were suspicions of drug or alcohol use surrounding the accident, a driver won’t provide their details, or a disabled driver needs assistance, then you are required to call 131 444.

Notify Your Insurer of the Accident

Besides notifying the police, you will also need to notify your insurance provider, even if you do not wish to make a claim.

Most insurance providers require you to do this, and failure to notify them can be a breach of duty which could cause your policy to be invalid.

Apply for CTP Benefits Within Time Limits

To apply for CTP benefits, you will need to find out which insurance provider the other party is registered with. You can find this out by checking their vehicle registration number at the Motor Accident Insurance Commission’s website. If you cannot identify the CTP insurer, then you can also contact the Motor Accident Insurance Commission (MAIC).

After this, you will need to fill out the applicable forms and complete the application process.

You must lodge your claim in the approved form within 1 month of instructing a solicitor or within 9 months of the accident, whichever is the earlier.

Depending on your injuries and their impact, you might also want to file a personal injury claim. Note that you can run two claims, a CTP claim and a Personal Injury Claim side by side if the circumstances call for it.

Find Reliable Legal Help

While it is possible to make both a CTP and a Personal Injury Claim yourself, in most cases it is best to seek legal assistance for the process.

There are a number of reasons for this. One is the meeting the deadlines and cut off dates by which you need to file the different documentation for these two different claim types. These can get confusing, and if missed, will nullify your claim.

Both CTP and personal injury claims can become complex, and a car accident claim lawyer will be able to navigate the claims processes and ensure you get maximum and fair motor vehicle accident compensation.

Additionally, if your claim has to go through court, your car accident claim lawyer will be able to represent you and navigate the necessary court procedures.

Have You Been in a Motor Vehicle Accident in Queensland?

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident in Queensland, and need to claim for damages, personal injury, lost income, or anything else related to the accident – the first thing to do, after the collision has been reported to the police and your insurer, is find a reliable motor vehicle accident lawyer.

Here at Bourke Love, we specialise in compensation cases. For a smooth compensation process, call us today to discuss your needs.