Professional Negligence.

Received poor advice and paid the price for it?

Even professionals get it wrong sometimes.

That professional could be another lawyer, an accountant, an engineer or a medical practitioner.

If you feel that you have been given the wrong advice, received a poor outcome or even feel as though it is taking too long to get a straight answer from a professional person, Bourke Love are prepared to view your concern and advise you as to whether you may have a claim against that professional. This is a complex area of compensation law and you will benefit from the experience that Bourke Love has in investigating and bringing these claims. As with other areas of compensation, schemes vary from State to State and it is important to seek legal advice early.

Limitation periods apply to bringing claims of this nature. You should obtain legal advice early to avoid dealing with your claim being out of time and losing critical evidence in your claim.

We offer NO WIN/NO PAY services to help you take on the insurers. So call or email us to have your claim submitted on time. Remember, your first consultation is always FREE.