Personal Injury Claims involving
people with disabilities.


At Bourke Love, we believe everyone that ​has a claim should be able to make it.

Is disability proving to be a barrier
​to making an injury claim?​.

Making a personal injury claim is something Bourke Love believes everyone should be able to do. But when someone doesn’t have the legal capacity to win a personal injury payment on their own behalf, having experienced legal professionals to turn to is crucial.

Such claims are often very complex too, making the situation even more challenging. Injury claims involving persons with legal disabilities regularly involve the Courts as well as requiring the appointment of a Fund Manager.

​For all these reasons, choosing to work with experienced lawyers with longstanding specialist expertise in personal injury claims can make all the difference.

How Bourke Love removes the barriers ​to compensation


Bourke Love are specialists in supporting people with legal disabilities to make personal injury claims. At every stage of the process, we offer caring, personalised and professional support.

This includes:

• handling applications involving the Courts
• appointing an appropriate fund manager
• taking the claimants family situation into account
• ensuring the injured person’s interests are always fully protected

At Bourke Love we have particular expertise in dealing with people under legal
disabilities ​and their family situations. ​Call or email us to discuss your claim.