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If you haven’t been to a compensation lawyer before,
here are the steps involved:

Step 1

Email or call us. We’ll get back to you within one business day, guaranteed. We don’t want to waste your valuable time, so please give us detailed information, including dates and names. Be as truthful as possible. We want to ensure your best chance of success.

Step 4

Once we’ve assessed all the facts involved, we’ll let you know the next steps should you decide to pursue the case.

​We’ll let you know about the process involved and potential costs and timeline.

Step 2

While you’re waiting for our response, take a look at our website and read about our services.

​You’ll have a better idea about our process and what you can expect should we go forward with your case.

Step 5

If you wish to proceed, we put together the best forensic legal, medical and accounting team to pursue winning the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

Step 3

We’ll reply to your email or call. We’ll advise you of your potential rights to compensation and chance of success. We might need further information from you, so keep all relevant police, workplace, legal and private documentation on hand.

Step 6

With our assistance, you’re in experienced hands to achieve the best possible outcome.

We’ll get you going again.

Using union solicitors

Many people opt to use their Union’s lawyers because they think it will save them money. Many people are also told that their costs will only be paid if they use a Union lawyer. This is not true.

The truth is you can use any lawyer you want, for any claim or advice you want, whenever you want. Your legal costs will be paid if you win the case, whichever lawyer you use.

A union lawyer doesn’t have any advantages over any other lawyer. Some unions will pay for your doctor’s reports, which are recoverable from the defendant when you win the case.

Bourke Love offer the same service.

Contact Bourke Love Lawyers and we can give you the facts about ​choosing a lawyer.