Frequently Asked
​Questions About Compensation Law.

Q : What if I am from Queensland

A. If you are from Queensland please click here as this web site is for NSW only.

Q. Does the defendant pay my legal costs?

A. In most cases, the defendant will pay a portion of your legal costs. In some cases, the defendant will pay all your legal costs. Your best bet is to contact us so that we can find out everything about how your costs are paid at our first meeting and discuss what outcome you can reasonably expect.

Q. Do I get charged for making a phone or email enquiry?

A. Initial email enquiries and phone enquiries are treated the same as the first consultation and therefore we don’t charge for them.

Q. What if I make an email enquiry and then come in for a first consultation?

A. There are still no legal costs for this first consultation. You don’t pay any legal costs until you settle the claim or are awarded damages by the judge.

Q. What about the cost of the first meeting?

A. Every client that comes in to our offices has their first consultation for free. If at the end of the first consultation, we tell you that you that you don’t have a case, or you decide that don’t want to go ahead with the claim – we don’t charge you.

You will not start incurring any legal costs until you agree to proceed, and you don’t have to pay any legal costs until the end of your case. If you lose the case, you won’t have to pay Bourke Love Lawyers anything, but it’s possible that you may have to pay the defendant’s legal costs. However, there are many cases where even if you lose you don’t have to pay the defendant’s costs.