Act Swiftly for the Best Chance of Success with Your Claim


Time is a crucial aspect in any compensation claim. Acting too slowly can seriously impact on the gathering of vital evidence for a claim and can even affect your ability to seek compensation at all.

We strongly advise seeking sound legal advice promptly after any incident where you wish to make a compensation claim. To understand why, we’ve outlined the key reasons for prompt action below.

Don’t Miss Out on Compensation

​Many types of compensation claims have a time limit. During this period, notification of the claim may need to be given to your employer, the police or other authority.

Failure to do so can:

  • create difficulties in bringing a claim;
  • cause further expense, including consuming legal costs.

Making a claim too late can even prevent you from making a compensation claim for an incident. This occurs when you attempt to make a claim outside of the stated period and can lead to you becoming statue barred and unable to make a claim.

Different types of claims have different time limits and notification periods. Different laws also apply from State to State in relation to limitation periods.

Don’t miss out on compensation, including worker’s compensation, because of a late claim. Seek legal advice promptly after being injured by a trip or fall, motor accident or accident at work or if you wish to make a product liability claim.

Gather Evidence Promptly to Strengthen Your Claim

​Gathering evidence to support your claim, particularly in relation to proving the liability circumstances, is critical. 

Over time evidence can disappear. Witnesses may become difficult to locate or may simply be no longer willing to assist. Accident sites change, roads get fixed, public areas and stores are remodelled and lighting conditions may change.

Often, the success of a claim depends on obtaining an accurate and compelling liability report. This report requires liability material to be gathered and recorded at the earliest opportunity. This ensures any evidence is as relevant and accurate as it can be in support of your compensation claim.

Know Your Rights Around Making a Claim

​Seeking sound legal advice promptly has one more key advantage: peace-of-mind.

Gaining legal advice from solicitors will help you to understand exactly the type of claim you can make. They’ll help to outline the steps you’ll need to take, highlighting important aspects, such as notifying authorities within stated time limits.

Acting promptly gives you the best opportunity to making a successful claim.

For information about a specific claim, contact a solicitor at Bourke Love Compensation Lawyers.