About Us Bourke Love Lawyers

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, Bourke Love Lawyers are the specialised help you need. Bourke Love Lawyers is here to get you going again. We are highly experienced lawyers for the workplace, motor vehicle, medical negligence, and insurance claims. We take ​on insurance companies on behalf of our clients.

Our success rate is high.

We undertake cases of all types and sizes


These include catastrophic claims for severely injured people or lesser (but still debilitating) injuries like whiplash.

Your first consultation is free. We work on a No Win, No Pay basis. Our reputation for assisting emergency services – for police, ambulance officers and fire fighters – is well known. Learn more about us – contact us today!

Private and confidential.

A legal matter can be delicate. ​ We understand how important your privacy is, which is why our ​service is strictly confidential. We treat your privacy very seriously.